The piece, in video or audio support, is placed at the center of the listening experience and is the very object of discovery: each piece is presented in detail and analyzed by specialists and has been chosen for its emblematic position in the given musical repertoire.
Its navigation has been designed for two levels of access: Discovery and Advanced.
Most often a work is mirrored by other interpretations.

Miloljub Sakovic (leader) & Miroljub Raketic (follower)

Belenzuka Pala S Neba

Iz vika, Polyphonie, Sud-Ouest Serbie

Fújnak a fellegek

Transdanubie méridionale

La pluie tombe sur nous

French tradition of Ardèche


Lo curat de la chapela - La calha

Tradition du Massif central

Mugam Bayati Isfahân

Mugam, classical style repertoire of Baku

Rāga Naṭ bhairav

Raga, Khayal, classical hindustani repertoire

Segah Şarkı

Makam, musique classique ottomane

Madame Bertrand vers 1915


Bretagne, Gwerz

Samir Kurtov _courtesy Eric Legret

Suite de chansons et danses de Bulgarie et de Turquie

Davul-zurna, musique des Balkans - Bulgarie, Macédoine, Turquie

Zâwiya Hilaliya d'Alep

Zikr Qâdirî Khâlwatî

Zikr d'Alep, Syrie