The musical works presented in detail and analyzed are chosen by specialists for their relevance to illustrate the style to which they belong. They are at the center of the structuring of this portal and the visitor can refer to it at any time during their navigation.

They are filmed or recorded in different circumstances which are specified for each example:

  • Recording or video made specifically for the portal
  • Recording or video made by connoisseurs of each style and made available for the portal.
  • Collections * previously made and emblematic of the style presented

Most often these works are mirrored by other interpretations:

  • Same musical theme or same mode played by other artists.
  • Neighboring themes or modes suitable for presenting similarities or differences in play
  • Other similar works



The works presented in the educational portal for modal music follow the same model.

Each example is devoted to a single repertoire and begins with an audio or audiovisual extract of a work emblematic of the tradition studied. The work is analyzed in successive stages and contextualized.

The steps include the following modules:

  • presentation of the work
  • structure of the work
  • representations and analysis
  • crossed views
  • the aesthetic heart
  • replayed examples
  • the musical universe
  • the game context
  • comparisons
  • the practice

They may or may not all be present depending on the example chosen. It is advisable to approach them in the order of their presentation for the first 6 modules.

In the other 4 modules, additional information on the musical universe, the social and learning context, as well as a bibliography are proposed for a deepening of the subject.

It is also possible to use the quick menu to switch from one module to another without going through the previous steps.

While allowing transversal navigation, each module offers two entry levels aimed at specific audiences:

  •  the discovery level is designed for novice audiences such as school audience, beginner or amateur musicians who have few knowledge of modal music and eager to discover more about it
  •  the advanced level is intended for professional musicians, teachers, researchers, students of higher education in music

To go further, a space for debate in the form of a forum will be made available to musicians and musicologists wishing to discuss the modality.